About Us

Role Model Style is a women’s clothing and accessories brand whose goal is to provide all the newest trends inspired by today’s style icons. We spend hours scouring fashion filled streets and tirelessly tearing through social media to bring you the hottest trends before anyone else, at a price you can actually afford. 

It's hard to keep up with the constantly changing world of fashion trends, and we know you have more to do in your day than try to stay on top of it; so we do it for you! 

We hand select each and every item that goes into our store from different vendors across the world to make sure we're providing you with both the style and the price you deserve. 

Do you have Role Model Style? 

Do you have an eye for fashion trends? We are always looking for affiliate marketer/influencers to join the team! Interested? Here's how you can become a part of it all:

Instagram Influencers: We are constantly looking for Instagram influencers interested in promoting the Role Model Style brand in return for a piece of the profits. This isn't your typical flat payment for a single promoted post. No, in our program the more your followers respond to your promotion the more you benefit. Intrigued yet? For more information please email us at RoleModelStyle@gmail.com! 

The Trend Setters: Don't have a huge following on Instagram yet? Or maybe you don't want to post promoted content? That's fine, you can still be a part of the team! If you think you see a trend we have not included in our store, that would fit within the Role Model Style brand, we want to hear from you! Bring us a trend or a soon-to-be trend you think we should put in our store and we will find a product to match it. Then, if we make a certain number of sales off that item, we will give you a percentage of the profits! Sound enticing? Next time you spot a trend we haven't yet spotted, send us an email at RoleModelStyle@gmail.com!